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That's your secret. You never stop thinking about Desmond ;3;

»>?????? this is a secret?????????????????

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oh no

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Birthday, fave food, something random about yourself.

My birthday is May 7th!! c: That sort of info can be found on my about page friendo

all food is pretty much my favorite food…. I really just can’t eat spicy food and don’t like pastas. - v -

something random?? uhh!! i play the violin, and i don’t need the music sheets to learn song. i can sound out a song in the same way someone sounds out a word and i eventually repeat it long enough and i get it. except i don’t need the letters to sound it out, i just need the noise.

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Chose to Draw: Desmond or Rauf!

i am admitting defeat

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☠ - When I first followed you, you seemed really assertive and forceful, and I don't do well with people who seem to be like that. I also don't want to be a bother, as we don't really communicate (I love your posts, and want to reply - even get to the point where I type something up, but end up talking myself out of it.)

hey, that’s okay. those are both really true facts about me, i’m really assertive and can be forceful and demanding. if that intimidates you, im sorry and it’s not a bother. hopefully! when and if you’re ready, we can talk more.

if you’re afraid of me being rude or mean publicly, i won’t ever do that, even if its something really offensive i’ll just be like “hey that’s not cool”, just drop me a msg via askbox or fanmail and we can talk, if you’d like or are comfortable

if i’ll let u kno if im uncomfortable with the subject, and i hope you would let me know too

sorry if i don’t make snese i ahve not had a a lot of sleep in the past 48 hrs

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dishonored u v u

❤ male: whalers + corvo (overseers) + piero
❤ female: whalers + billy + jessamine + delilah + granny rags + cecelia + lydia + callista + lizzy
✖ least favorite: havelock
✔ who resembles me: all of the whalers all of them
❤ most attractive: samuel + corvo + daud + billy + martin + jessamine + delilah + cecelia + lydia + callista + lizzy (pretty much also the whalers and probably overseers)
❤ three more characters that i like: i think i already listed all of them

im sorry

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"I Trust You to Kill Me" ie Corvo/Daud (as if I even have to ask)

lays down for a thousand years


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Siren, genie

Siren:If you could make anyone do anything, what would you make them do?

There isn’t anything that comes to mind.

Genie:If you had one wish that would come true and couldn’t be reversed, what would you ask for?

A genie couldn’t give me what I’d really want, but I’d probably ask for an endless amount of money, that can change currency depending where I go.

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