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You should really try not to be so hard or critical on yourself. The negativity doesn't help :c You are NOT a piece of trash. You're a very nice person!

ahaha thank you anon, you’re really absolutely wonderful for saying that. <3 for now, for what i’m currently doing, its just my way laughing at how embarrassing i am to my self

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wow your eyes are beautiful

; v ; ahhhhhH thank you thank you tahnk you ver much

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You would be a great wife~~

no i wouldn’t

i cant reach anything and im cranky in the morning do not even play with me

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if youre still doing the villain thing, i think youd be more of a stealthy villain, and youd wear a hoodie with the hood up. you wouldnt be able to see your eyes, but your hair would be loose and stick out of the hood. youd have a smile like that of your icon's. idk maybe youd call yourself the Cannibal Cruncher. also youd probably only attack people who are anti-feminist and anti-equality and stuff but would be brutal enough to be seen as a villain

im cool with this

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Strawberry Tea, Bubble Tea, Banana Popsicle, Mint Choco Froyo

strawberry iced tea:your best feature

my face and overall body shape. apparently, and ive measured, i have the 10 inch diff in all of my torso (like 42, 52, etc etc) so apparently i have a great figure. i also just really like my face im just hella cute in general so yaknow that’s just some physical stuff….

as for my personality, im just not sure right now, im having a lot of difficulties with keeping trace of who i am as a person and stuff, but i suppose im nice, honest and relentless

bubble tea:fashion pet peeve

wearing all 3 primary colors in one outfit is the biggest pet peeve of mine, it doesn’t matter the hue.

banana popsicles:1 memory i have of you

ahh, i remember all our ac5 headcanons and stuff i mean…. im sorry but im not good at remembering things…

mint choco froyo:3 things im proud of

i finished college!!! (and cried a lot)

ive paid bills (and didn’t cry)

stood up for what i believed in (and maybe cried? idk i dont cry that much)

banana popsicles:1 memory i have of you

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can we play mario kart in sweaty pajamas and not answer the phone during the weekends?

if it weren’t for texting and photos i would just toss my phone out anyway so ofc!!!!

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when do i begin?

whenever u want, there are snack breaks basically whenever you want also

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hello, im ana, im 100% on everything on that list besides creepy games, but i can work on that.

you are hired

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[breaks down your door] I HAVE A FLIGHT RISING ACCOUNT!


im cannibalcrunch

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Desmond Altair Rauf Connor Leo


 ok i can do this

  1. Desmond
  2. Rauf
  3. Connor
  4. Altair
  5. Leo

Honest tho desmond, rauf and connor are tide for first tbh